Manifold Fund Advisors, LLC offers access to a wide array of boutique asset managers and tactical strategists within a series of sub-advised mutual funds and separately managed accounts. The company’s proprietary research platform covers a broad spectrum of active investing from traditional single manager risk-adjusted strategies to multi-strategy tactical risk managed solutions. Manifold Fund Advisors is registered as an investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.


We are continually challenged to do better by becoming different and reinventing process and organization at every opportunity. Our culture is defined by our mission, purpose, strategy and goal, and not by our methods or our history:

Financial markets change faster than investors’ expectations, so investors need Active Risk Management. Our mission is to provide the missing ingredient between investor expectations and market movement.

Investment excellence in the design and delivery of Manifold products and portfolios is our highest purpose. We use outside managers, quantitative overlay and in-house teams – any method, as long as the outcome for investors is exceptional.

We reach investors through their financial advisors, whom we help to deploy Active Risk Management as an essential component in fulfilling their duty to their clients. Our business strategy is to help advisors integrate Manifold Fund Advisors by providing information, education, training, and the essential portfolios in every format.

Growth, in our community of advisors and in the assets we help them manage, is our primary goal. The more investors who experience Manifold Fund Advisors, the greater our positive effect upon financial advisors, institutions and those they serve.