We Help Advisors Build Risk Intelligent Portfolios

Markets move faster than investor expectations, so Investors need a strategy for all market types.

There is no single strategy for every market condition, and the universe of complex investment options continues to expand at a rapidly increasing pace. This is good news for investors whose financial advisors know how to access and apply the right strategies depending on the market.

But what is the right strategy and when should it be used?

More than ever, understanding risk and having the right strategy is essential to achieving meaningful investment results. However, for many advisors there are not enough hours in the day to sort through the endless flow of information necessary to find the missing ingredient between client expectations and risk in the market.

RiskX does the research to assemble an array of investment strategies into a series of sub-advised mutual funds for risk-managed portfolios in a constantly changing market.

With RiskX, the process is in the product. The RiskX Research database organizes the investment universe across a spectrum of active risk management. By combining traditional risk-adjusted and tactical risk-managed strategies in a series of sub-advised mutual funds, financial advisors can build portfolios that have the potential to remain diversified as markets move.

Now there’s a way for financial advisors to fill the gap between investor expectations and market movement — and build risk intelligent portfolios!1

Many investors agree, in the same way everyday products continue to get smarter, so should their investment portfolios. RiskX seeks to provide financial advisors with the information, education, training and sub-advised investments that are the “X” factor to building risk intelligent portfolios.